When Should You Replace Your Roof?

When Should You Replace Your Roof? Ideally, before you need to, it’s best to schedule the work before you have an emergency such as a leak. Planning can be key to timely replacement because if you live in Maryland, you already know that there can be rainy seasons when a roof installation can be interrupted. […]

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Common Gutter Questions

Don’t you wish “out of sight out of mind” worked for everything? But, unfortunately, it doesn’t. And that includes gutters. Some people wait until water gushes from the wrong place or someone points to a tree growing out of them. Either way, let’s consider why they’re so essential. First of all, gutters are not just for looks. […]

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Are You Thinking About Installing a Skylight?

Are you buying a new home, remodeling, doing a roof repair, or putting on a new roof and decided it’s the perfect time to install a skylight? Are you planning to remodel your attic and want to add roof windows? Maybe you’re hesitating because you are afraid of leaks or waking up with the sun. Times have changed, and so have your options. Skylights today come with a ten-year no-leak guarantee and accessories to create a customized experience. Let’s explore some ins and outs of skylights. […]

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How to Choose a Roof

If you’re honest, do you really want to spend your hard-earned money on a new roof? Who does? If you stay in your house long enough or buy an older home, you will have to eventually. How do you choose your roofer or materials? Do you first investigate a roofing contractor or check out the brand or style of roofing materials you want to use? How do you go about researching? Google? Talk to friends? Reviews? What drives your decision? Price? Quality? Company size? […]

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Baltimore County-Based Roofing

Marathon Roofing is a local Cockeysville, MD roofing contractor specializing in the repair or replacement of slate, shingles, EPDM/TPO, sheet metal & gutters/downspouts.